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We are pleased to announce the release of our new Calcium Treated Steel Certified Reference Material, BCS/SS-CRM 115. Supplied either as a bottle containing 100g of finely dived material (BCS-CRM 115) or as a spectroscopic disc of 44mm diameter x 19mm depth (SS-CRM 115) this material is certified for eleven elements, with each element having at least 16 acceptable mean values contributing to it's certified value. In addition, information values are included for a further 5 elements. In all, 20 Co-operating Analysts, in addition to P&S and BAS, were involved in the certification programme.

A copy of the certificate can be found in the certificate section of this website, located using the product search (top right) or viewed directly by following the following links; BCS/SS-CRM 115.


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BAS Catalogue No. 852a September 2017

BAS Price List No. 853 March 2017

ORM Catalogue No. 856a July 2017

ORM Price List No. 857a July 2017

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