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We are pleased to announce the release of our Nickel Steel, BCS/SS-CRM 222/1, available either as 100g of finely divided material or as discs of 38mm diameter x 19mm depth. These are both turned from bar stock used to produce our BCS-CRM 222/1 (ECRM 154-1) which was originally only certified for Ni and available in finely divided form. This material has just undergone a completely new certification exercise and is now additionally certified for C, Si, Mn, P, S, and Cr. A copy of it's certificate can be found in our certificate section or viewed directly by clicking here.

Also, new batches of two of our spectroscopic Blast Furnace Irons, SCRM 671/1 and SCRM 673/1, are now available. These are produced as 48mm x 42mm x 12mm blocks and both SCRMs have a very similar composition to the materials that they replace. Again, copies of their certificates can be found in our certificate section or directly viewed from the following links (671/1673/1).


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BAS Catalogue No. 862 March 2018

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ORM Catalogue No. 866 March 2018

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