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We are pleased to announce the release of our new catalogues and price lists for March 2018.

BAS Catalogue, No. 862, lists all our currently available reference materials. New Certified Reference materials include our Low Sulphur, Calcium Treated Steel, BCS/SS-CRM 116, plus Low and High Carbon Ferro-Chromiums. Certificates for these samples can be found on the website, along with those of our currently available range of materials. Where most materials have become exhausted during the last twelve months, their replacements are now included.

ORM Catalogue, No. 866, includes reference materials from most of the suppliers in the previous edition plus a selection from FluXana (Germany). In addition, the ranges from ICRM Center Ltd (Russia), Nist (USA), Jernkontoret (Sweden) and SPL-Labmat (Czech Republic) have all been enhanced. The new iron ore from ArcelorMittal (France), ECRM 691-1, plus the unalloyed steel from BAM, ECRM 083-2, along with their M365a, M394 and M394a. New batch replacements can also be found throughout the ORM Catalogue, including Brammer Standard Company, Dillinger Laboratory and MBH Analytical.

Download our Catalogues and Price Lists as PDF files

BAS Catalogue No. 862 March 2018

BAS Price List No. 863 March 2018

ORM Catalogue No. 866 March 2018

ORM Price List No. 867 March 2018