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We are pleased to announce the release of our new catalogues and price lists for March 2018. BAS Catalogue, No. 862, lists all our currently available reference materials. New Certified Reference materials include our Low Sulphur, Calcium Treated Steel,… Read More »
BCS-CRM 525 Low Iron Float Glass:
Our new low iron float glass, BCS-CRM 525, has now been released. Produced in co-operation with the Society of Glass Technology, it is certified for twelve constituents, with information on a further four. This Certified Reference Material is available as a… Read More »
BCS/SS-CRM 222/1, SCRM 671/1 & SCRM 673/1:
We are pleased to announce the release of our Nickel Steel, BCS/SS-CRM 222/1, available either as 100g of finely divided material or as discs of 38mm diameter x 19mm depth. These are both turned from bar stock used to produce our BCS-CRM 222/1 (ECRM 154-1)… Read More »

Download our Catalogues and Price Lists as PDF files

BAS Catalogue No. 862 March 2018

BAS Price List No. 863 March 2018

ORM Catalogue No. 866 March 2018

ORM Price List No. 867 March 2018