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The catalogue has been fully updated to reflect current Sand Testing Equipment availabilities, and hard copies may be obtained, if required, by following the "Contact Us" link above.

Latest developments in the Ridsdale and Ridsdale-Dietert range of Foundry Laboratory Sand Testing Equipment includes an improved model of the Laboratory Sand Rammer.

The new Type 'N' Sand Rammer is more user-friendly to the operator, is better designed to withstand the rigors of the modern foundry environment and is easier to maintain than the conventional Sand Rammer.

The Type 'N' Sand Rammer is constructed using high strength cast iron, and special attention has been given to the areas where wear may take place. Thus, the shaft is made using high molybdenum precision ground steel bar, which has high oxidation resistance and reduces wear to the Rammer. It has a thicker Rammer head to transpose the ramming energy over the diameter of the sand specimen, and a second steel cam has been incorporated, which raises the main shaft and Rammer head and locks them in an elevated position to enable the specimen tube and the pedestal cup containing the sand sample to be located correctly. Both the lifting cams are fitted with a sealed bearings and should the cams wear over the years, they can be readily replaced. Results compared using the conventional Sand Rammer and the Type 'N' Rammer have been checked by the manufacturer, and the Type 'N' has shown a more uniform distribution of of the sand compaction across the diameter of the sand specimen when using the thicker type Rammer head.

As with the conventional model, the new Sand Rammer is available in AFS (imperial) or DIN (metric) versions and is used to prepare specimens for many standard tests including:

          • green and dry permeability
          • compression strength
          • shear strength
          • splitting strength
          • transverse core strength
          • tensile core strength

It is also used for compactability tests and determining flowability of foundry materials.

The Type 'N' Sand Rammer thus represents an improvement in performance and working life compared with earlier models and is immediately available from Ridsdale & Co. Ltd. Our full details can be found on our "Contact Us" page.


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