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Our latest Ridsdale Foundry Sand Testing Equipment Catalogue, no. 800, is available in hard copy. Please go to the Contact Us page if you would like to request a copy.

You can view the latest electronic edition of our STE catalogue, no. 800, by clicking on the button below.


Alternatively, download the PDF version of the catalogue:



As a service to our customers we are pleased to publish our Foundry Sand Testing Equipment Operating Instructions Manuals, again in Adobe Acrobat format (each approximately 1.5Mb in size). They can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate dscription below:


It is important to use the corrected Operating Instructions Manual for the equipment being used. Incorrect results will occur by following the wrong Instructions Manual.

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We are pleased to announce that our latest catalogues, namely
FOUNDRY SAND TESTING EQUIPMENT Catalogue No. 800 Has now been issued and may be found, in electronic form, by following the "STE" link at the top of this page. The catalogue has been fully updated to reflect current Sand Testing Equipment availabilities, and… Read More »